Who are Steatornis?

Steatornis is a nonprofit organisation with roots in activism, art and science. We believe in sharing knowledge through conversations and connecting with people within the grassroots. Taking part in diversity makes us less prejusticed towards each other. It makes it easier and more natural to choose to include people.

When four people, all of whom from diverse backgrounds, sat down together and shared ideas, we discovered the following:

We have so much knowledge. We have experienced so much. Create a lot. But whose art and science do we know about? Who are hidden, forgotten and repressed in media or in conversations between friends?

The most important question of them all: What can we do with it?

The solution that came to us is arts, sciences, and cooperation.

Arts and sciences complement each other. Creating something together put us in a situation where we talk, exchange experiences. Experiences that puts the spotlight on important topics, that again becomes concrete actions.

Our work is aimed towards inclusion and diversity across function variability, age, ethniticity, class background, sex, gender expression/presentation and sexual orientation.

We're working on a art and culture festival we call "Fribåren" (freeborn). It will be held in Trondheim, Norway when it's once again possible to meet safely.

Four hands is held toward each other.

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