Who are Steatornis?

Steatornis strives towards diversity and inclusion. The organisation was established in 2019 by disabled people with several minority backgrounds.

Our experience tells us that if you have several minority backgrounds, and when you participate in cultural events, you must put away one or several of your minority identities.

One of many examples is when disabled artists are defined as a security risk, or when there is not good enough facilitation for them to get up to the stage. Another example is if you as an artist have Sami background, and the coordinators for the event get annoyed if do not participate wearing Sami kofte.

We do not accept such situations, and these kinds of attitudes are obviously not sustainable for the future of the culture life. Therefore, we established Steatornis, which strive towards change by cooperation, forming community and building connections.

Our opinion is that you should feel safe by being the whole of you, as an actor or as audience, because the art is for everyone.

Four hands is held toward each other.

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