2019 Annual Report


The Board in the period 2019 - 2020 has consisted of:

Steatornis has held 8 board meetings during the period. The board has also been in contact via messenger and WhatsApp between board meetings.


Steatornis has partnered with:

The organization has also received assistance from Kristent Arbeid Blant Blinde og svaksynte (KABB).

Activities 2019


The organization was founded on 31.01.2019.

Study trip to India 16 - 23 July 2019

Maria and Thomas were in Shillong, India to meet with sister organisation of Steatornis, Organisation for Inclusive Development (OFID). Filmmaker Mina Paasche was there to film for a documentary about echolocation in Norway.

Echolocation workshop with Norges Blundeformunds Ungdom Region Midt and KABB the 1-3 of November 2019

This weekend, a collaborative project was organized between Norges Blundeformunds Ungdom Region Midt and Kristent Arbeid Blant Blinde og svaksynte (KABB), where they hired Thomas Tajo for a weekend course in basic echolocation. In connection with the workshop, Thomas Tajo was interviewed for a podcast organized by Mina Paasche by virtue of Steatornis. He was also interviewed in the KABB magazine.

Read more: THE SOUND OF THE WORLD (post on Facebook)

Launch of the organization on November 5, 2019

On 5 November, Steatornis arranged a lecture in collaboration with Studentenes og Akademikernes Internasjonale Hjelpefond (SAIH) Trøndelag and NHfU Trøndelag. The lecture was called Disabilities and Opportunities in Higher Education and was held at NTNU Dragvoll. It showed up 12 people. Speaker Martine Eliasson talked about inclusive education, speaker Thomas Tajo lectured on opportunities and the responsibilities of disabled people.

Open Art Night

Steatornis has initiated a collaboration with Norges Handikappforbund Ungdom Trøndelag to have free and low-threshold art evenings. The art evenings are held at NHfU Trøndelag's locations on the 3rd floor of Sirkus Shopping. The events are open to everyone. The purpose of these evenings is to create a meeting place for our members and use art expression as a tool in the fight for equality. We have had 4 art evenings during this period.

Inspection at Trondheim Kunsthall 2nd of February 2019

The board invited to go to the exhibition "A beast, a god and a line" to investigate the availability of a general art exhibition. Briefly, we found that works of art are mostly presented in a visual way. The premises in which the art is presented also have a lot to say for the experience.

Enrolment in the project Balansekunst

Steatornis is part of the Balansekunst project. This means that we are part of a collaboration between over 80 Norwegian art and cultural organizations that work for an equal and diverse cultural life.

Art Festival Planning

Steatornis is planning an art festival in Trondheim August 15-16. The venue is Jacobsen og Svart at Powerhouse in Brattøra. Here the organization collaborates with artist and filmmaker Mina Paasche, architecture student Jasmin Grohmann and associate Amanda Fayant.



Steatornis is registered in the Brønnøysund Register Centre and the Voluntary Register.


Steatornis has 6 members during this period.


During this period, Kristian Smevåg-Olsen has been responsible for graphics.

Home Page

The universally designed website is under development. Steatornis has created 2 domains: steatorn.is and steatornis.no in the domeneshop.

Social Media

Steatornis is present in social media.


The income during the period has been the membership fees. The organisation has established its own bank account at Sparebank 1 SNM and Vipps. We have wireless card terminal through iZettle. The organization is a grassroots beneficiary.


The accounts are attached as attachments.


Steatornis' Board of Directors

Report design: Jasmin Grohmann
Graphic and illustration: Kristian Smevåg-Olsen

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