2020 Annual Report

Summary of the year


No new members and no waivers.

The total number at the end of this period is 6 members.


Steatornis conducted 4 open meetings in 2020.

During the period, Steatornis has had several collaborations with individuals and organizations.

Norges Handikapforbund Ungdom Trøndelag (NHFU)

The project "Open Art Evening" was a collaboration between NHFU Trøndelag and Steatornis. Norges Handikapforbund lent their locations free of charge so that "Open Art Evening" could be kept available to everyone.

During 2020, work started on establishing a cooperation agreement for events such as "Open Art Evening" between NHFU Trøndelag and Steatornis.


Steatornis became a member of Balansekunst in 2019, and as part of the collaboration Steatornis will contribute to increasing diversity expertise at Balansekunst.

In 2020, Steatornis started by achieving the Balansemerket label, which is a labelling scheme against sexual harassment in cultural life.

Kristent Arbeid Blant Blinde og svaksynte (KABB)

Steatornis and KABB created a resource group for mental health that discussed ways to create a project for increased competence on functional variation and diversity in professional environments in Norway.

Jasmin Grohmann

Jasmin has worked with various tasks related to administration, documentation, graphics and social media during the period.

Amanda Fayant

In 2019, Steatornis started the preparatory work for Steatornis' art festival and Amanda added invaluable expertise and knowledge in connection with this. Thank you very much for your cooperation and for sharing a little of you in this work.

We would also like to thank everyone who has visited events, visited our Discord server and otherwise in other contexts given us the opportunity to continue our work – you are fantastic!

Board of Directors period 2020 – 2021

Steatornis has held 8 board meetings during the period.

Physical meetings were arranged in Trondheim as far as possible, where infection control was given a central focus.

The board has also had regular contact on digital platforms such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

Chairperson: Maria Puenchir

Deputy Chairperson: Fatuma Abdi

Secretary with financial responsibility: Kristian Smevåg-Olsen

International Manager: Thomas Tajo

Summary of the 2020 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting was held on March 16, 2020. All invitees were present physically and on audio transmission.

Martine Eliasson was invited as a representative from Norges Handikapforbunds Ungdom Trøndelag.

The annual meeting was constituted with Maria Puenchir as chair, Jasmin Grohmann as referrer, and Fatuma Abdi and Kristian Smevåg-Olsen as protocol signatories.

The agenda were approved without changes.

The annual report for 2019 was approved and some minor errors were corrected.

The accounts for 2019 were approved and showed an actual profit of NOK 130.08 plus.

The budget for 2020 was approved with an expected result of NOK 184.68 plus.

Maria took up a case to provide facilitation services in cooperation with Kazimir that was adopted. Otherwise, there were no reported cases.

The board presented three cases. The first was about sharing of digital information. It was decided that Steatornis moved away from Google Drive and uses Dropbox while looking for a better solution.

The second issue was the action plan for 2020, which included the following: "Art and accessibility", "Cooperation NHFU", "Collaboration KABB" and "Applications for the art festival".

The most recent case was the art festival in 2020. The art festival is decided to be postponed until 2021.

The election of the board ends in the division of roles remaining unchanged until the next period. An auditor is considered unnecessary at this time.

The Board of Steatornis for the period 2020-2021 was as follows: Maria Puenchir as chair, Fatuma Abdi as deputy chair, Kristian Smevåg-Olsen as secretary with financial responsibility and Thomas Tajo as board member with international responsibility.

Activities in the period 2020

We entered the new year with the ambition to kick-start work on the art festival that eventually became known as "Fribåren". The exitement was great to get started with the open art evenings we had planned right up until May, which had been a success the year before.

Open Art Night

As a continuation from the previous year, open art evenings were set up every month until May. Naturally, all events were canceled when the pandemic broke out in March.

Two open art evenings were held in 2020. One in January and the last in February. The planned events in March, April and May were cancelled.

Open Art Night on February 12 had the theme "common identity and equality".


Illustration. The Facebook poster for open art night showing that the event has been cancelled. Design by Kristian Smevåg-Olsen.


_Small sheets with different words and phrases that are used about and by disabled people. These were used during the open art evening with the theme "common identity and equality".


At the end of 2020, Steatornis started work on achieving Balansekunst's labelling scheme called Balansemerket. The labelling scheme is intended to ensure a safe organisation for all members and those involved by working with attitudes and highlighting guidelines and reporting routines in connection with sexual harassment. Steatornis decided early on to make this a diverse initiative that will cover all forms of discrimination and harassment.

Maria, Fatuma and Kristian took the online course for Balansemerket together, but due to the pandemic, the implementation itself was postponed until 2021. As part of achieving the label, we were invited to a conversation with a representative from Balansekunst at the beginning of 2021.

Establishing a digital meeting place

The spring of 2020 had major consequences for all of us. National lockdown with a request not to meet each other. Almost all events and leisure facilities were put on hold and we all met less frequently. It was a lonely and strange period.

Many wanted a social meeting place with a low threshold because Messenger conversations or webinars can quickly become very high intensity and mentally exhausting. Discord is a communication platform created for the gaming community where you can easily and without obligation jump in and out of conversations on audio and video or just write together on text.

Since the Discord platform met most of our criteria for accessibility, we created a separate Discord server.

During March and throughout 2020, several events and social meetings were held on the Discord server. There was everything from chat and discussions to cinema.

In total, around 20 people took advantage of the offer during this period and the Discord server is still available for future use.

Arts Council Norway and the "diversity mission"

In 2020, Arts Council Norway was awarded the role of national diversity coordinator in the cultural sector. In connection with this, Steatornis was invited to participate in the workshop as one of several key players. This workshop was to specify their coordinator role and set guidelines for further cooperation with the sector and is a long-term project.

Chairperson Maria Puenchir attended the workshop on December 3.

Mental Health Resource Group

The resource group came from an idea to increase competence around mental health and functions in the field by Maria Puenchir. The group was joined by Steatornis and some from Kristent Arbeid Blant Blinde og svaksynte.

We had two meetings to explore the possibility of arranging gatherings where professionals can learn more about inclusive mental health.

The Art Festival Fribåren

After many name suggestions and a long period of thinking, Steatornis' art festival finally got a name: Fribåren.

Research was done on relevant showrooms where we could hold the art festival. The showrooms had to meet several accessibility requirements, including accessibility, acoustics, lighting conditions and space.

The board went on an excursion to Jacobsen og Svart's locations at Brattøra on February 18th 2020 and met the general manager, Grant Harrison. Jasmin Grohmann was responsible for taking pictures and documenting, and she also wrote minutes of the meeting.

Freeborne was decided to be postponed indefinitely until the coronavirus pandemic is over. The board wants it to be perfectly safe to attend and experience the festival, something that cannot be guaranteed during a pandemic.

The board discussed holding a digital version of the festival, but the format was deemed unsuitable since Fribåren is supposed to be an inclusive arts festival where we give guests the opportunity to know, hear, see, smell, sense; to experiment with the senses one has.


Board meetings

7 board meetings and 3 project meetings were held in 2020.


During this period, Kristian Smevåg-Olsen has been responsible for graphics.

Home Page

Steatornis ' website was completed in the spring of 2020.

The website runs on a platform called "Grav CMS". A separate style theme has been developed for Steatornis by Kristian Smevåg-Olsen, and universal design and accessibility have been central throughout the development.

During this period, Steatornis rents web space from Domeneshop AS and they are also used as a domain registrar.

Social Media

Steatornis has been growing on social media since 2019.

Instagram (@steatornis)
74 followers and 40% increase.

Facebook (@steatornis)
229 followers and 19% increase**.

219 likes and 14% increase.

Twitter (@steatornis_)
33 followers and 83% increase.

* Data obtained 11.05.2021
** Data from 2/17/2020

Fundraising on Facebook

After a cumbersome process with Facebook's "Charitable Team", Steatornis was given access to fundraisers on Facebook in the spring of 2020. Steatornis and individuals can now raise money to support Steatornis' work through Facebook.

Financial statements for 2020


Balance transferred from 2019 including interest: NOK 200.08

Total membership fees collected in 2020: NOK 496.50


Costs web services (web hosting and e-mail): 290,00 kr

Profit for 2020: NOK 96.76

In the context of the 2020 budget

Steatornis had NOK 225,200 less cost than expected. The major discrepancy is due to the fact that the corona pandemic led to the cancellation of the art festival Fribåren. No applications for support funds were granted and we therefore did not receive any grant funds into the account.

Design by Kristian Smevåg-Olsen

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