"Have you met me?"

Monday, June 20, 17:00 - 20:00
Hausmania kulturhus - Link to Facebook event

You are informally invited to a calm queer gathering ☕

If you find most events inaccessible, this space is for you.

We encourage you to bring art/craft supplies. There’s free food, Norwegian sign language interpreters, no entry fee and the event is alcohol free.

The queer trio Gurkemeie will be performing for us! There’s also an open mic after 🥳

There’s no expectations at this event. Meet us, co-exist in whichever way you want. To the best of our ability, we’ve designed the space to be as comfortable and accessible as possible, as all queers deserve a gathering place.

This event is funded by the Arts Council Norway, and held by Steatornis in cooperation with Reclaim Pride Norway.

Text: "Have you met me?" is handwritten in pink with black shadow. "Monday june 20, 17 PM. Hausmania. Hausmanns gate 34." Each side on the bottom is the logos for Steatornis and Kulturrådet with the text "Funded by Kulturrådet". The entire background has a pink color tint, and several unfocused forms reaches around the images as tree branches. Everything is ligher on the left top diagonally down to the right where it gets darker. The text "RECLAIM PRIDE" is repeated multiple times from the top down to the middle and fades out until it's invisible.


If you want to come and hang out and not interact with anyone, no-one will judge you.


There has been a change in venue. This is because of noise restrictions in Bakgården.

This means that our quiet area is outdoors, in Hausmania’s Bakgården, and Gurkemeie’s performance, food and the open stage is in Flerbrukshallen. You are free to come and go any time you’d like.

There are two guides on-site. One is stationed in Flerbrukshallen, and the other is stationed in our quiet area. This means that you can have food brought to you outside, and someone will man the lift buttons as needed. The guides are able to assist with finding food and something to drink, guide you where you want to go, and open doors.


We’ve pre-arranged the following:

The entry has approx. 10m of cobblestone until the gates. The gates will be open at all times during the event. The path down to the entrance has an incline.

Bakgården is spacious enough to avoid reverb. Bakgården has a flat surface and the entry to the bathrooms has no door sill. We will be arranging seating areas. Welcome drinks are served here.

Flerbrukshallen is an indoor area. The entrance is stepless. This space heats up quickly but is ventilated from a heat pump and open doors. Acoustics should not be headache-inducing - but we recognise individual needs here. There is a doorsill to the individual toilets here, and the door is heavy.

Info about the accessible toilets and google street view is in the “descriptions” tab.


Location: Hausmanns Gate 34 - https://goo.gl/maps/Mo4UxnXzCFSrgoSa9

Closest bus stop is Jakobs kirke.

There may be some light road construction at the stretch from Jakobs kirke to Hausmania. The sound of traffic is loud.


We aim for inclusivity. We’ve designed the space with queer Disability communities in mind. Steatornis acknowledges that the venue is imperfect. Questions and feedback can be sent to maria@steatornis.no.

Illustration of a steaming mug in the colors red, blue, purple and orange. Text: welcome

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