Map and explanation of the route to Hausmania

On this page you can find both visual and written explanation of how to get to Hausmania culture house from the bus stop Jakobs kirke (the Culture Church Jakob).

Top down map of the area

Tilted map view of the area

Route from the bus stop Jakobs kirke to Hausmania's backyard (bakgården) entrance

If you take bus and get off on the side of the road where the Culture Church Jakob lies: turn left and then walk up the sidewalk, then cross one street crossing and continue until Vega Scene.

If you get off the bus on the opposite side and end up outside of Fellesverket and Peloton, you instead need to take a right turn after getting off of the bus.

Walk to the first pedestrian crossing, and cross to the right. On the other side of the road, take a sharp left and cross the next pedestrian crossing. Continue along the sidepath and you should now pass the Culture Church Jakob, then walk across another pedestrian crossing.

When you get to this next crossing in front of Vega Scene (the bright red building) you need to turn right and walk down the alley named Vestre Elvebakke.

Follow Vega Scene (the red building) down the alley until the corner.

Turn left at the corner of Vega Scene and follow the building. You should now face the gate to the backyard (bakgården) of Hausmania.

The fence is visually easily recognizable by the graffiti. The gate will be open during the events.

Les mer om Hausmania og tilgjengelighet på siden til Reclaim Pride.

(Inaccessible) Main Entrance

Directly on the inside of the main entrance there is only stairs up to the next story. This is due to the elevator there being broken down. This entrance will not be used but it might be good to know it exist.

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