Articles of Association

§ 1 Organization

§ 1.1 Name

The organization is called Steatornis.

§ 1.2 Purpose

Steatornis works for diversity and inclusion in the arts and culture. Our goal is to remove obstacles so that everyone can enter different spaces.

Diversity and inclusion work takes place locally and independently of national borders, across functional variation, age, class background, religion, beliefs, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, gender identity and sexual orientation.

Steatornis shall be religiously independent and independent from political parties.

§ 2 Membership and dues

All members must renew their memership yearly. This is done by the payment of the membership fee.

The annual meeting determines the membership fee.

It is possible to become a support member.

§ 3 Voting rights and eligibility

§ 3.1 Voting rights

All members have the right to vote. Support members do not have the right to vote.

§ 3.2 Positions of trust

Only members of the organization may hold positions of trust.

§ 4 Board of Directors

The board is the highest level and makes decisions between annual meetings.

§ 4.1 Duties of the Board of Directors

Implement the provisions of the annual meeting.

Appoint committees and draw up mandates for these.

Keep accounts, budgets, and control of assets.

Representing Steatornis outwardly.

§ 4.2 Board meetings

The chairperson calls board meetings as needed.

The board is able to make decisions when a majority of the board members are present.

Decisions are made by a majority of the votes cast.

Voting equality is decided by lot.

§ 5 Annual Meeting and Extraordinary Annual Meetings

The annual meeting is Steatornis' highest level.

The annual meeting shall:

§ 5.1 Ordinary Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is held every year by the end of April. The Board shall send out a written notice to the members no later than 1 month before.

Proposals to be considered must be sent to the board no later than 10 days before the annual meeting.

The complete agenda must be sent to the members no later than 1 week before the annual meeting.

Members have the right to speak, propose and vote. Support members have the right to speak and propose.

The Board may invite other persons and/or the media to be present.

§ 5.2 Extraordinary Annual Meetings

Extraordinary annual meetings are held at the discretion of the Board of Directors, or when at least one-third (33.3%) of the voting members so require. Meeting invitations and resolutions are made according to the same rules as for ordinary annual meetings.

§ 5.3 Voting

Only members have the right to vote. Support members do not have the right to vote.

No one has more than one voice.

Blank votes are counted as uncast.

The statute can only be amended by a 2/3 (66.6%) majority.

Voting equality is decided by lot.

§ 6 Environment of the organization

Board members and members must show each other respect.

Harassment should not be accepted. Harassment refers to a situation where one or more persons are repeatedly subjected to unpleasant, degrading or hurtful treatment (for example of a sexual nature) by one or more persons, so that they feel it is difficult to defend themselves.

Show respect for the members' background, gender expression, name and sexual orientation.

Conflicts that affect the organisation's environment must be reported to the board and/or the manager.

§ 7 Representation and fees

Steatornis receives 20% of representative fees.

Exceptions if necessary.

Section 8 Exclusion Clause

Members who violate statutes, policies and orders may be excluded from Steatornis. Decisions on exclusion can only be made by the Board of Directors.

The person in question must have the opportunity to explain themselves orally or in writing before a decision is made regarding exclusion.

Sexual harassment leads to exclusion.

§ 9 Duty of confidentiality

All members of the board, committees and committees must sign a confidentiality declaration.

Employee representatives shall not share membership information, information about economic activities and other sensitive information.

Exceptions to this are public authorities and corresponding contributors, where control of membership numbers or age are criteria for allocating funds.

§ 9.1 Media

In case of inquiries from the media, please contact the chairperson or contact person.

§ 10 Statute Amendments

Amendments to the articles of association may only be made at an ordinary or extraordinary Annual Meeting by a 2/3 (66.6%) majority.

Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Board no later than 10 days in advance of the annual meeting.

§ 11 Dissolution of the organization

Dissolution of Steatornis takes place by resolution of the annual meeting at two consecutive annual meetings. The first should be ordinary, the second extraordinary. The extraordinary general meeting shall be held within 3 months. The decision to dissolve must be made with at least a 2/3 (66.6%) majority, and the vote must be in writing.

In the event of dissolution of Steatornis, assets shall be returned to the original funding body. It is not considered dissolution if the organization merges with others.

Adopted 31.01.2019. Last edited at annual meeting 18.03.2023.

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