Annual Report 2022

Summary of the year


16 new members and no waivers.

The total number of members is 21.

Figures from 14.03.2022.

Activities and collaborations

2022 started quietly, everyday life had only begun to return to before the pandemic. To maintain operations, the health and well-being of members and the board are more important than activities. The activity level nevertheless increased sharply in the second half of 2022 and is affected by the terrorist attack on queers on the 25 of June 2022 (complete overview under Consequences of the terrorist act on the 25th of June).

Steatornis still has a cooperation agreement with the Norwegian Association of Disabled Youth (NHFU) in Trøndelag. During Trondheim Pride, Steatornis invited NHFU to a parole workshop and to go under the slogan The Fight Continues in the Pride parade. We did not have any further cooperation with NHFU in 2022, due to limited capacity.

Steatornis received a grant of NOK 68,000 from Arts Council Norway to arrange an accessible room, Har du møtt meg? in Oslo during the Queer Culture Year.

Throughout 2022, Steatornis has addressed small and large challenges regarding accessibility in the arts and cultural life. Among other things, we have invited organizers and stakeholders to include information about accessibility at their events. Here we have had a particular focus on those who have approached us to spread information. The Board is positive about the developments we see throughout the year. Several national and local actors are starting to write about accessibility at their events.

Steatornis usually pays the membership fee in Balansekunst by producing an annual accessibility report of Balansekunst's website. In 2022, we dropped this because of how limited the capacity of the board was after the terrorist attack on June 25.

A detailed overview of our cooperation, activities and meeting activities can be found further down in the annual report.

Board of Directors period 2022 – 2023

Maria Puenchir as Chairperson

Fatuma Abdi as Deputy chairperson

Kristian Smevåg-Olsen as secretary and financial manager

Ingunn Mulders as Deputy board member

Summary of the 2022 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting was held on 19.02.2022. All invitees were physically present.

The annual meeting was constituted with Maria Puenchir as chair
Kristian Smevåg-Olsen as referent
Ingunn Mulders and Fatuma Abdi as protocol signatories.

The annual report for 2021 was corrected and approved.

The accounts for 2021 were approved and showed an actual result of NOK 2,418.40.

The budget for 2022 was approved with an expected result of NOK 2,998.40
Costs for food and fruit during the annual meeting will be included in the budget going forward.

The action plan for 2022 was adopted and approved.

There were 2 cases received.

The election of the board ends in the division of roles remaining unchanged until the next period.

Steatornis Board elected for 2023:

Maria Puenchir as leader.
Fatuma Abdi as Deputy Leader.
Kristian Smevåg-Olsen as secretary with financial responsibility.
Ingunn Mulders as deputy.

Activities in the period 2022

Steatornis has had some major events and a great number of meetings in 2022.

Events and member activities

Stolthetsparaden June 18th

On June 18th, Steatornis and Reclaim Pride attended the Stolthetsparaden to mark proud, strong, and visible disabled people.

Reclaim Pride Oslo 18th – 27th of June

Steatornis was accessibility manager during Reclaim Pride Oslo. Reclaim Pride Oslo is an independent festival concept that focuses on anti-capitalism and anti-racism. On the first and second of June, Maria Puenchir visited the Hausmania Cultural Centre and the Anarres Book Café to investigate accessibility at the festival site. Steatornis produced an accessibility report in Norwegian and English.

Queer Culture Year 2022

Queer Culture Year 2022 was the national celebration that it was 50 years since sex between men was decriminalized with the repeal of Section 213 of the Penal Code in Norway. The goal of the Queer Culture Year was to highlight queer life and queer art and culture.

To mark the Year of Queer Culture, Steatornis, in collaboration with Reclaim Pride Oslo, applied for funds to create an accessible queer meeting place. Arts Council Norway granted NOK 68 000.

On June 20, the event Har du møtt meg? took place at the Hausmania Cultural Center. Vegan food was served, 2 sign language interpreters were present, and the queer band Gurkemeie held a concert. Transport to and from the event was also organised as needed. The event had 55 participants.

After reporting, we were allowed to keep NOK 7 538 to use for adaptation in another context.

Logoen til Kulturådet. Tekst. Støtta av Kulturrådet.

Digital member meeting

We held a digital membership meeting on August 23 for our new members. There were 8 participants.

We discussed how we can create more inclusive member meetings, and how people experienced physical meetings compared to digital meetings. Our members are scattered around the country, and Steatornis needs to think about covering travel and food costs, facilitating, and keeping attendees safe. Members wanted member activities such as digital game nights.

Parole painting at Sirkus

On August 31, Steatornis invited to parole painting for Trondheim Pride. The meeting place was NHF Trøndelag's offices at Sirkus Shopping. There were 6 participants.

(Images will eventually be added)

Trondheim Pride 2nd – 11th of September

Steatornis arranged two activities during Trondheim Pride.

Queer Sami hangout

On the 7th of September, Garmeres, Saemien Studeenth Tråantesne and Steatornis arranged skeiv samisk hangout. We had a lávvu and a fire pit at Krigsseilerplassen. There were 16 participants.

Team up with Steatornis in the Pride parade

Garmeres, Saemien Studeenth Tråantesne and Steatornis joined forces in the Pride parade. The slogan we went behind was Kampen Fortsetter.

Trans Pride September 1st – 4th

On the first of September, Steatornis, Skeiv Verden and Salam had a panel discussion in Oslo. The topic up for discussion was Why is it necessary to create separate safe spaces? - And does everyone always have to be included?. Here we informed about our bridge-building work in early summer, explaining that bridge building done in our own way is equalizing the balance of power, not a highway to oppression. Trans Pride was organized by the Patient Organization for Gender Incongruence (PKI), and the conversation was streamed to Bergen and Trondheim.

SOLO OSLO: How can museums invite more people in?

On the 18th of October, Maria Puenchir participated in a panel discussion on accessibility at the Munch Museum together with Nora Sulejmani from the Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted Youth and mediator Frida Karina Rusnak. The theme was accessibility at museums, and the Munch Museum specifically.

Read more

Commemoration of the UN's International Day of Disabled People

The 3rd of December is the UN Day where the rights of people with disabilities are put in the spotlight. The day was marked together with Skeivt Opprør Trondheim, FRI Trøndelag and Ivar Matlaus Bokkafé at Svartlamon, where Steatornis gave a foldable wheelchair ramp as a gift to Ivar Matlaus Bokkafé.

Meeting and representation

Inclusive Mobility

In 2021, Steatornis participated in a preparatory work and application process for Inclusive Mobility, a European collaborative project that was to create a training program that would be possible for the blind and visually impaired at and below the global poverty line to use. The project was initiated by the organization Vision Inclusive. Erasmus+ rejected the application in autumn 2021. Vision Inclusive would apply again in 2022, something Steatornis did not have the capacity for. The collaboration with Vision Inclusive on Inclusive Mobility was terminated.

Available artistry?

On the 2nd of February, the board was interviewed by Elen Øyen in connection with the research project Available artistry?. The research will investigate how more disabled people can work as professional artists. The results will be published on the 27th of April 2023. The research project is commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate of Culture, carried out by Fafo and NTNU by researchers Tone Pernille Østern, Terje Olsen, Elen Øyen, Lise Lien and Lene Christin Holum. Maria Puenchir participated in the preparatory work for the launch conference on the 27th of April 2023.

Kunsthall Trondheim

Kunsthall Trondheim is Trøndelag's largest arena for contemporary art. Steatornis has previously collaborated with Kunsthall Trondheim in 2021 and had a number of conversations about accessibility in the art and cultural scene.

On the 4th and 15th of March, the board met with Karim Tahir, and on the 4th of October, the board met with Kaja Grefslie Waagen. A common thread running through the meetings was how art and culture actors can make external communication more inclusive. As a result, Kunsthall Trondheim provides accessibility information in its event descriptions.

Anti-racist network

The 22nd of March was the kick-off meeting of the National Anti-Racist Network. Steatornis is a member here, but has been too overwhelmed by the summer months to contribute to meetings.

Save the Children

In 2021, Save the Children surveyed access to leisure activities for disabled adolescents in the project Fritid for alle – uten fordommer. Save the Children invited Steatornis to further mapping under the project Aktiv på skolen = aktiv på fritid?. On the 23rd of March, Steatornis attended a resource group meeting. Steatornis was forced to withdraw from the project after it was announced that there were no finances for adequate remuneration of the work.

Interview about the solidarity celebrations - "Beredskap for kjærlighet"

On the 2nd of August, Maria Puenchir was interviewed about their experiences during the solidarity celebrations by Shannon Dinneen from Memoar in collaboration with Queer Archive. The interview was recorded.

The project is available on the website: Memoir – kjærlighet.

Podcast workshop with Oslo Queer

On the 10th of August, the Steatornis board met with Tonje Moser from Oslo Queer who held a micro-workshop on how to create a podcast.

Meeting place for diversity: Queer cultural life

On the 26th of August, Maria Puenchir participated in a panel discussion on diversity in the cultural sector. The conversation was between visual artist Jo Abusland, theatre director Ingrid Forthun and Maria Puenchir, and was led by Torbjørn Urfjell, director of the Directorate of Culture. Maria Puenchir brought perspective around minority representation and art education into the conversation. The Norwegian Directorate of Culture and Kilden Concert Hall streamed on Facebook Live during Skeive Sørlandsdagen.

Opening of Trondheim Pride

On the 2nd of September, the Steatornis board was invited to the opening of Trondheim Pride at City Hall. Steatornis was represented by Maria Puenchir, Fatuma Abdi and Kristian Smevåg-Olsen.

Meeting with the Minister of Culture and Equality

On the 10th of October, Minister of Culture and Equality Anette Trettebergstuen met Gar-meres and Steatornis. Steatornis expressed the need for applications for funding to be possible for people who experience digital exclusion, as well as the need for cultural security for Sami disabled people, and that sign language for Sami deaf people must be strengthened. State Secretary Gry Haugsbakken was to follow up. The meeting took place at the Sami University College in Kautokeino.

Appeal during the support Commemoration Fosen! Doarjjadilálašvuohta

On the 11th of October 2022, it was 1 year since the Fosen verdict fell. The Supreme Court ruling found that the wind farms at Roan and Storheia on the Fosen peninsula were built in violation of the reindeer herding Sami's right to cultural practice. The Norwegian Sami Association (NSR) arranged a commemoration for reindeer herding Sami at Fovsen-Njaarke outside the Sami Parliament in Karasjok. Chairperson Maria Puenchir held a support appeal.

Touch viewing of the play Vástadus Eana

On the 10th of October, Steatornis was contacted by Betty Nilsen from DansiT regarding the possibility of visual interpreting the Sami play Vástadus Eana, which was to be shown at Rosendal Theatre on 25 November. Together, we concluded that visual interpreting of such a production was too time-consuming, and the time was too short. Steatornis expressed a willingness to assist DansiT with audio descriptions and the like on subsequent occasions.

In connection with the request, Steatornis was invited to a touch viewing of Vástadus Eana, followed by seeing the performance itself. Ingunn Mulders and Kristian Smevåg-Olsen represented Steatornis.

Meeting with Deichman Bjørvika

On the 19th of October, Maria Puenchir and Kristian Smevåg-Olsen met Mats Niklas Brattlie, employed at Deichman Bjørvika. During the meeting, we learned that Steatornis and the public library have a common desire to create a space where people from different backgrounds meet. It was suggested that Steatornis' expertise in accessibility from a multi-minority perspective should benefit more people. A study trip to Oslo of 1 week duration was proposed. The meeting took place at Clarion Hotel the Hub in Oslo.

Meeting with the Norwegian Institution for Human Rights (NIM)

On the 7th of December, Maria met Mina Haugen from the Norwegian Institute for Human Rights (NIM). Through its human rights work, Steatornis has discovered that multi-minorities often do not get several rights realized due to inconsistencies between different legislations. Steatornis sought advice and co-development of accommodating measures and will follow up in 2023. The meeting took place at NIM's office in Kautokeino.

Meeting with Sámi Našunálateáhter Beaivváš (SNTB)

On the 23rd of November, Maria Puenchir met Rawdna Carita Eira, employee of the Sami National Theatre Beaivváš. The topic was whether Steatornis could assist with accessibility work. Maria Puenchir was to follow up the contact. The meeting took place at Beaivváš's premises in Kautokeino.

Consequences of the terrorist act on the 25th of June

On the night of the 25th of June, the nightclubs Per på Hjørnet and London pub were hit by terror, in which two people were killed and 20 people were injured. The queer community was in mourning.

Steatornis played a key role in the crisis response after the terrorist attack. Our three most important tasks were to:

  1. ensure that as many people as possible had quick access to short, concise, and accessible information.
  2. approve, develop, and advise on accessibility measures.
  3. ensure that all parties were invited to meetings, as well as received recognition for work done.

In addition, we created a website with information about crisis services in various towns and areas. The page was updated until August. Crisis management was carried out locally in Oslo and far from Trondheim.

Dialogue meetings and meeting activity

Dialogue meeting with the Ministry of Culture and Equality

In the aftermath of the terrorist act during Oslo Pride, Steatornis, in addition to several other queer organizations affected by the terrorist act, was invited to a dialogue meeting with the government. Maria Puenchir ran on behalf of Steatornis. The meeting took place at the Government's representative residence on the 1st of July, where the Minister of Culture and Equality, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, among others, were present.

However, the Minister of Justice and Public Security was not present, she was too busy participating in a media stunt with the police in connection with a speed check. All the organisations were given 2 minutes to give a speech to members of the government. Oslo Queer and Salam gave up their speaking time so that Steatornis could have longer speaking time. Steatornis then shared the talk time from Oslo Queer to the Patient Organization for Gender Incongruence (PKI). It was an emotionally charged meeting. Some used their speech to criticize the state's response in the aftermath of the terrorist act, others told how much the action has affected their organization. Some were too emotionally affected to give their speech. After the meeting, the media were invited in to interview representatives of the various organizations.

Meetings with the Police Directorate

Steatornis has participated in 2 meetings with the Police Directorate in 2022. The meetings took place on the 5th of July and the 22nd of September. Here, the police and queer civil society have exchanged information, praise, criticism and needs. The Police Directorate informed about the measures that were taken in the aftermath of the terrorist attack, as well as about the threat level. Steatornis pointed out the need for clear, quick, and concise information. The police's media handling had created great uncertainty for queer disabled people who did not know whether it was legal for their employees to attend queer events given the police recommendations. Chairperson Maria Puenchir emphasized that bridge-building work in a state of crisis is demanding for all parties involved.

Meetings with Trondheim Police District

Steatornis has had 2 meetings with Trondheim Police District. These took place on the 2nd and 11th of August.

The threat Steatornis experienced in the aftermath of the terror made it necessary to ask for clarification of the police's responsibilities and roles towards queer disabled people. It became clear that this discussion was important for the entire Police Directorate and the PST, but that the current legislation does not adequately protect disabled people with multi-minorities. In consultation with the police, Steatornis wants to create public debate about the need to rethink threat situations and queer disabled people.

Input meeting on new LGBTI+ action plan

On the 30th of August, the Ministry of Culture and Equality invited queer organisations to an input meeting for the government's new LGBTI action plan. Steatornis warned against the anti-gender movement that creates and normalizes rhetoric and attitudes that oppress transgender and queer people.

Dialogue meeting with Oslo Pride

The meeting took place on the 22nd of August. Queer organizations were invited to a dialogue meeting. Here Oslo Pride informed about the plans for a rainbow parade that would end up in a solidarity celebration to show that love wins, and that diversity is a richness. Steatornis informed about which facilitation measures Oslo Pride needs to implement to safeguard queer disabled people, and that it is un-solidaric that the rainbow parade is held on the same date as the parade for Trondheim Pride.

Conversations with the sibling organization Salam

Salam and Steatornis are sibling organizations. The connections were formed during the Reclaim Pride festival and during the Reclaim Pride collective's crisis response. The two organizations have had several meetings in late summer and during the autumn, where the purpose was to increase competence about the living conditions and needs of queer disabled people. Steatornis has also helped to forge stronger ties between the queer disabled people movement and queer anti-racist work.

On the 28th of October, Salam invited the queer organizations to a dialogue meeting. Maria Puenchir represented Steatornis.

Timeline of crisis management the 25th of June – 1st of July

The solidarity marches were by no means spontaneous. It was a unified Reclaim Pride collective that acted in the days following the terrorist attack. Police approved the parade routes, as well as implemented security measures towards queer disabled people on the 27th of June. There was also a large, collective mobilisation to ensure that the Ministry of Culture and Equality covered board and lodging for invitees outside Oslo.

Saturday, 25th of June: Organized solidarity march in partnership with the Reclaim Pride collective. Steatornis approved the availability of the march route, borrowed a megaphone from a private individual, and quickly and clearly spread information on social media. Together with Oslo Queer, we also started an offer of taxi down to the start of the march route for disabled people who needed transport. Oslo Queer made sure that attendees got provided with sunscreen, and had access to water and snacks to raise their blood sugar. We also worked to clarify whether the police recommendation to postpone all Pride events allowed disabled people and their assistants to legally participate in the solidarity march. The Reclaim Pride collective in partnership with Steatornis developed a way to keep the walking pace in the parade even. Here's how it was done: Two people walked 3-5 meters in front of the rest of the parade, and three people in front collaborated on crowd control so that the two people in front always had enough room to adjust their speed when necessary. Begard Reza, general secretary of Salam and Maria Puenchir were elected to set the pace, and the Reclaim Pride collective collaborated on crowd control. At the end of the march route when speeches were given outside the London pub, Steatornis tried, unfortunately unsuccessfully, to find Ingrid Thunem who had offered to interpret the speeches.

Monday, 27th of June: Steatornis was an adviser to the group that organized the public, canceled commemoration. We informed about the necessary accessibility measures and how they could be achieved. Steatornis was present when the commemoration was cancelled. Our most important role there was to request waiting with the meeting until all persons across the movement could take part in making decisions together. The Reclaim Pride collective organized a new solidarity march on the City Hall Square. Chairperson Maria Puenchir gave a speech.

Tuesday, 28th of June: Solidarity celebration in Trondheim, organized by FRI Trøndelag, Trondheim Pride, PKI, Queer Youth Trøndelag, Skeivt Opprør Trondheim, KOR HEN, Garmeres, Steatornis, NeadalsPride, Åfjord Pride, Trondheim municipality, and Røros Pride. Deputy Fatuma Abdi gave a speech. Prior to this celebration, leader Maria Puenchir had initial conversations with the organizer about adaptation measures the organizers in Trondheim had to organise.

Wednesday, 29th of June: The Government invites queer organisations to a dialogue meeting at the Government's representative residence at Parkveien 45. The original invitation had omitted Skeivt Opprør Trondheim, but Steatornis and the rest of the Reclaim Pride collective ensured that Skeivt Opprør had the opportunity to send a representative. The meeting took place on Friday, 1st of July.

Thursday, 30th of June:** The Ministry of Culture and Equality stated that representatives outside Oslo must pay for travel to the dialogue meeting. Salam and Queer World considered boycotts and started a fundraiser for travel costs for the representative from Skeivt Opprør and Steatornis. Inge Gjestvang, leader of FRI mobilized to make the government to reconsider. At 18:23, the Ministry of Culture and Equality revises and promises to cover travel, board and accommodation for visitors outside Oslo.

Friday, 1st of July: Dialogue meeting at the Government's representative residence in Parkveien 45.

Attending organizations were:

Norway Bears (Bamseklubben)
Association FRI
FRI Oslo and Viken
Association of Transgender People (FTPN)
Health Committee
Oslo Pride
PION Norway
Patient Organization for Gender Incongruence (PKI)
Poly Norway
Pride Art
Oslo Queer
Reclaim Pride Norway
Salam Norway
Queer Youth
Queer World
Queer Christian Network
Skeivt Opprør (Queer Rebellion) Trondheim
Queer Student Forum
SMIL Norway

Steatornis in the media

4th of July, BLIKK: Steatornis to the government: – Get your act together! – Oslo

15th of July, BLIKK: – Queers belonging to multiple minority backgrounds are the ones who are injured and die first in times of crisis

30th of July, BLIKK: Salam and Queer World consider boycott of dialogue meeting with the Government

1st of July, Morgenbladet: From celebration to resistance


Board meetings

The Steatornis board has held 10 board meetings and considered 41 issues during the period.

There have been 23 meetings between the board and external players during the period, and 12 planning and information meetings within the board. Physical meetings were arranged in Trondheim as far as possible. The board has also had regular contact digitally.

Several planning meetings, internal work meetings were also held in connection with projects and in addition several meetings with external actors.


During this period Kristian Smevåg-Olsen was responsible for design and graphics.

Home Page

Steatornis still rents web space from Domeneshop AS. They are also used as dome neregistrar. Kristian Smevåg-Olsen has been responsible for operation and maintenance.

Social Media

Steatornis has grown on social media in 2022.

Instagram (@steatornis_)

Growth from 115 to 613 followers (433% increase).


Growth from 259 to 485 followers (87% increase).

Facebook quit likes in 2021 after a platform update.

Data obtained 3/14/2023.


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