Collaborating partners

The Art of Balance (Balansekunst)

Steatornis is a member of The Art of Balance (Balansekunst), a collaboration project between over 100 culture organisations in Norway working to promote gender equality and diversity in the arts.

Balansemerket against sexual harassment

Steatornis has achieved Balansemerket which is a labelling scheme against sexual harassement in cultural life. In connection with this, we have, among other things, etstablished solid Guidelines for handling unwanted attention in Steatornis.

Norges Handikapforbunds Ungdom Trøndelag

NHFU Trøndelag

Vision Inclusive

Vision Inclusive is an international non-profit organisation that seeks to bring people with and without disabilities together, in equal partnership, to build and promote a culture of openness.

Kristent Arbeid Blant Blinde og svaksynte (KABB)

Changed the