Privacy Policy

1. About personal data and privacy policy

Privacy Policy for the organization Steatornis ( 922 914 362).

We always consider whether it is necessary to collect information about people in our work. The information is stored in accordance with the Personal Data Act and the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If information we have collected is no longer necessary, this information will be deleted.

Data stored by Steatornis

Emails sent to are handled by our supplier in Oslo.

Our provider uses standard encryption (TLS) when transmitting e-mail where possible. Please do not send sensitive personal data by e-mail.

The contact form on the website is also transmitted with standard encryption.

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Data Controller

The data controller in Steatornis is Kristian Smevåg-Olsen (secretary/finance manager),

The data controller is responsible for the privacy and processing of personal data at Steatornis. They have access to all data the organization has stored and are responsible for ensuring that the processing of personal data and other data takes place in a secure and proper manner.

Other accesses


All persons who have or have had access to personal information and other data stored by Steatornis have a duty of confidentiality.

Ethical responsibility

All persons with access to sensitive information about our members, operations or other information have an ethical responsibility when collecting, handling and using this information.

Membership and donors


When you join Steatornis, we ask for some information such as your name, address, date of birth and contact information.

We use this information in connection with the collection of membership fees.

Upon termination of membership, this information will be deleted.

Steatornis' cloud solution

Steatornis itself operates Nextcloud as a complete solution for collaboration in the cloud. All data transmitted to and from the service is encrypted between server and user. Data storage takes place in accordance with the Data Protection Act and GDPR.

Use of cookies

Steatornis works to use digital services and tools that have solid privacy and little user tracking.

Therefore, we have developed our website to work completely without the use of cookies for tracking. And we don't use any external analytics tools like Google Analytics or Facebook integration that would have tracked our users.

Our website is built on Grav CMS and only uses one cookie. This cookie gives us a simplified overview of how many visits we have in a period of time.

Your data; Access, change or deletion

You can request access to what data we have stored at any time.

If you wish to withdraw data we have stored about you, we will contact you and discuss a secure way to transmit this data to you.

In some cases, unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to disclose all data. Therefore, some of the data extraction may be partially or completely censored to protect the privacy of others.

If you wish to have the information we have stored about you changed, you can contact us at any time via this form or by e-mail/phone.

Please do not send sensitive personal data over e-mail. Not sure what it is? Feel free to talk to us before sending any personal information. This way you can more easily avoid that we get information we do not need.

Other important stuff; routines and security

All elected officials should use two-factor authentication on systems where possible, in addition to a strong password.

Steatornis never stores Personal or Sensitive Personal Information without your consent.

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