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You can read more about what Steatornis stands for in our Articles of Assosiation or find out more about us here. We are also available on Facebook or Instagram.

What do the funds go to?

Fundraiser for Aurora

All collected funds goes to ensure that Aurora gets user-controlled personal assistance (BPA, "brukerstyrt personlig assistanse" in Norwegian) for 6 months and to cover legal aid. Our aim is to raise 675 980 NOK to cover 8 hours of assistance per day for a 6 month period.

Spleis ended 29.05.

Our IBAN number: NO7242134168492

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Price estimate from the user-controlled personal assistance supplier:
8 hours per day = 463 NOK per hour x 8 = 3 704 NOK per day
6 months: 3 704 NOK x 182.5 = 675 980 NOK

Vipps: 668941

It is possible to send us a gift by using Vipps.

Our Vipps number is 668941.

Bank Transfer

Account Number : 4213 41 68492

Become our grasroot donor 🌱

You can easily contribute every time you hand in games at Norsk Tipping by choosing us as your grassroot recipient.

Read more on Norsk Tipping (Norwegian)

Fundraiser on Facebook

It is possible to raise money for Steatornis on Facebook.

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What do the funds go to?

Steatornis works for inclusion and diversity in the arts and culture across functional variation, age, ethnicity, class background, gender identity and sexual orientation.

We can offer relational and accessibility expertise, where we focus on norm-critical diversity with perspectives from functionalists, indigenous peoples, refugees and queer people.

Our philosophy is to give as many people as possible the chance to experience and take part in our projects. The goal is free participation and no cost to participants.

Illustrasjon av et fargerikt hjerte, under står det "takk".

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